Client G

Client G came to sweda when he was made redundant after over 20 years at the same job in engineering. He made a decision to train himself in other aspects of employment to enable him to change career. He came to sweda to get advice from an employment adviser who suggested that training in computing would be a great start to help build and develop his skills.

Client G started with some taster courses to develop his mouse and keyboard skills and was keen to progress onto something more advanced. As Client G’s confidence grew, he became more enthusiastic about his own personal development.

Client G was advised to enroll onto the Digital Literacy programme as this would develop his skills in more aspects of computing, such as hardware and Microsoft Office software. Client G is able to complete tasks in Word to a high standard and create various documents which could be vital to his everyday life, such as writing letters to potential employers or controlling his finances in a spreadsheet, and job search online from his own home. He was more confident about the kind of career he could aim for and was able to apply his new skills when applying for jobs.

Client G’s future aspirations include continuing his computer training to a higher level and he is applying himself to this on a regular basis at sweda.