Client K

Client K worked part time in pubs for a long time and wanted to run her own pub. She approached sweda for assistance in preparing her business plan, in particular at getting her pricing right and considering a number of potential pubs she could take on and whether they were right for her. We worked on her cash flow and pricing, and mentored her to liaise with the breweries to get the best deal on her lease.

Client K finally decided to take on The Ashley Hotel in Blackheath. Despite the economic downturn she believes that she can make the pub a success and the change she has made to the pub has been noted by customers old and new. Client K has a natural business sense and makes a formidable landlady! She still keeps in touch with sweda from time to time since starting up, and we recently put BBC Radio WM in touch with her as they wanted to run a piece on new women-owned businesses.