Client M

Client M was referred to sweda by the job centre to help her gain some new skills. She had been a full time mother and homemaker for many years when she came to the centre and was lacking self confidence, unable to maintain eye contact and very nervous about what she would have to do in order to gain her new skills.

On her first visit to the centre she met her employment adviser, who created a personal action plan to help with her personal development. Client M was then referred to the computer suite to help her gain some skills in this area.

On completion of the basic computer courses we advised Client M to progress onto something more complex. She continued through the course and achieved 90% in the certificate test. She was so pleased with her own achievement and enthusiastic about what she could learn next so is a different person now.

She is now more confident and communicates well with others. She will ask questions and is lively and talkative. Client M’s future aspirations include continuing with her learning in this area. She wants to concentrate mainly on Microsoft Office programs and file management as these are the topics which she believes will be most beneficial to her in the future.