We are committed to continually improving our services to our clients. Below are details of feeedback that you have provided, along with our responses to requests. Should you wish to provide us with feedback, please click here

16/05/2012. You said: Cramped conditions. Refreshments not the best. Not at all comfortable.

We took this onboard and on 23/05/2012 refreshments were moved to a better location within the reception area. The hot and cold drinks are now side by side and easily accessible.

12/07/2012. You said: Because I am a diabetic, I always drink no added sugar squash so I suggest that squash with no sugar be made available.

We listened and on 12/07/2012 made sugar free squash available as well as sugar – free sweeteners.

04/11/2011. You said: Can you deliver your courses at our community centre?

We responded and as of January 2011 we now deliver courses offsite at Wednesbury North Children’s Centre, Green Acress Children’s Centre and SureStart Smethwick.