Group from West Bromwich at the centre of mobile phone app development.

Posted as , on Thursday 3 September 2015

How smart is your smart phone? Image if you had learning difficulty disability how useful or how user friendly would the Apps we take for granted be? Let’s put them to the Test!

SWEDA has been hosting an intrepid group of testers in its IT suite in West Bromwich for the last couple of months. They are from ‘Building Bridges Training’ working on a European project with 8 other organisations across Europe. Only 3 of these are organisations who will be involving people with a learning disability to say what they need and try out the apps. Building Bridge Training is one of these organisations; the others are from Belgium and Spain.

The project is called Able to include and it aims to make and test apps for smart phones and tablets for people with a learning disability, to help use social media (like Facebook) and travelling around on your own. People will be able to use the apps on any phone or tablet that has access to the internet. This project helps people with a learning disability to live more independently.

Davinder Kaur CEO of SWEDA said ‘We work across the local community providing a wide range of support – when we were approached by ‘Building Bridges Training’ for the hire of our IT suite we were only too happy to support them , this is an important project which helps those who need help the most’


To learn more about the project visit –

For more information on the work of Building Bridges Training contact Liz on 0121 559 9197 or email

Need a room for training or to work more closely with SWEDA contact Davinder on 0121 525 2558 or email