Gurjit Thandi

ICT Tutor / Technical Support

Have worked at SWEDA for the past 9 years, Gurjit started as a volunteer in the IT suite supporting clients with their IT courses. He is now the IT Tutor supports clients through their IT courses. In addition, he is SWEDA’s Technical Support Officer helping all the staff with any IT issues. (‘Switch on, switch off’)

Gurjit is a new Dad and relishing the challenges that come with this, his most important role.

He likes to go to the gym (when he can) and plays 5-aside football and to rest,  Gurjit enjoys movies and playing games.

Gurjit likes to travel and has been to many places and remarks on the Amalfi Coast in Italy for great scenery and the clearest sea he has been in.

Gurjit is the IT Tutor and Technical Support Officer