Jas Raju

Business Advisor

Quote Where there’s a will there’s a way

Jas has a vast amount of experience in both the public & private sectors supporting SME’s all over the UK and draws most satisfaction through helping others. He has worked on a large European project on which he worked with European partners. He particularly enjoys helping others achieve their goals in work, business & life.

A career highlight for Jas has been to host Geoff Banks during a national event.

However, the proudest achievement for Jas is his family and other than his wife and son, he’s most grateful for being part of a close-knit brood.

Jas has enjoyed the opportunity to visit New York and Singapore and is a keen follower of sport including cycling, football (Wolverhampton Wanderers) and the Indian cricket team.

Fun Fact

A wannabe Marvel Avengers superhero, Jas is also fond of walking around the office saying ‘live long & prosper’!

Jas is a part-time Business Advisor with SWEDA.