Rickie Josen

Business Associate

Quote: “Anything’s possible”

Rickie has been a self-employed trainer since 2004 and helps people start, grow and promote their business. 

With a background in media, Rickie has a love of marketing and likes to keep at the forefront of the best online tools for business owners. Rickie is a qualified Action Learning Facilitator and also works with people who are looking to get into employment.  

Fuelled by coffee, Rickie lives for travel and, in fact, her official bio states she is a full time traveller, part time trainer/facilitator.  

Rickie claims, ‘if you love what you do, nothing feels like work’ and her mission is for everyone she works with to never feel like they are working. 

Other than travel, Rickie’s all time love is music and she shares her life with Tim, a very loud drummer. 

Rickie is a part time Business Advisor



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