Sandra Harding

Business Advisor

Quote: Start embracing the life that is calling you. find your calling, know what sparks the life in you, so you – in your own way – can Illuminate the world

Sandra has been a Business Adviser for over 20 years in addition to running her own business for the past 9 years. She brings a wealth of experience to SWEDA including race relations, corporate finance and sales all of which are utilised fully as part of the Business team.

Providing support, advice and coaching, Sandra is happy to share her experience and knowledge and is hands-on with her clients. Passionate about helping others to develop and grow a sustainable business confidently, Sandra wants everyone to achieve their dreams.

A stand-put achievement for Sandra is being part of the regional Taskforce when MG Rover closed in 2006 which supported the supply chain and employees affected.  This led to Sandra organising the successful conference Moving up a Gear for business owners affected by the close. An amazing personal achievement for Sandra was completing the Birmingham half Marathon in 2013.

Sandra is possibly the fittest of the SWEDA staff and goes to the gym 5 times a week. She also keeps a keen eye on business and politics enjoys music. Sandra likes travel and prefers to get off the beaten track to experience the authentic life of the country she’s visiting.

Fun Fact

Sandra loves to dance to all types of music at outdoor events but has a strict ‘no mud’ policy.

Sandra is a part-time Business Advisor.