Warren Dickens

Employment Advisor

SWEDA has a policy of identifying and engaging with talent and potential, so when Warren Dickens attended as client it quickly became apparent that his computer skills made him stand out from the crowd.

After initially ‘cutting his teeth’ as a volunteer, he quickly progressed to a full time position as an ICT support.

His role involves disseminating information and instructing clients with a wide and varied rage of computer ability. This requires him to keep his own skills honed to the cutting edge of current ICT applications and this is done through receiving technical delivery training provided by Microsoft and other partner organisations. This ensures that SWEDA’s ICT clients have access to total support during their learning journey.

Warren’s job title is I.C.T Tutor inside our computer suite, with this position comes many duties and responsibilities which include:

• Assisting the ICT tutor in the delivery of all SWEDA’s projects

• Provide one to one personalised support to ensure all clients are fully supported in fulfilling the aims of their Individualised Action Plan.

• To support/assist the clients with the completion of their associated testing in line with their qualifications.

• Check that learning plans and schedules for courses are maintained which reflect the course content and the outcomes expected by learners.

• Create and provide on going improvements to existing and new modules which will help with the development of course materials and the delivery techniques associated with the programmes.

• Ensure that clients progress is measured and achieved and also that all learners barriers are clearly identified and supported.